Enabling a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.
Breastfeeding Support

An hours private home visit starts at £30, this may increase depending on the travelling distance from East Grinstead.

Using research based information, techniques and experience we assist you to overcome any challenges you may have in the privacy of your own home.

Problem solving such as Tongue Tie assessment, Latching Issues, Milk Supply, Positioning to name a few.

Our visits from our lactation consultant and peer supporter can be before or after baby’s arrival. Your choice.

Next Group Sessions:

Monday 18th March 2019

  • ‘Why should I breastfeed?’, ‘I want my partner to help out’ – We provide Information on the benefits and the realities for Mum, Family and Baby.
  • ‘My friend had to give up as she didn’t have enough milk’ – We discuss how this can happen and how to avoid this.
  • ‘My mum says that I will probably be in a bit of pain, but my nipples need to harden up and just work through it’. – Pain is often a sign that something is not quite right. We show you how, why and how to overcome this pain free.
  • How will your baby’s birth affect your breastfeeding
  • ‘Will my breastfeeding routine change from the first few days to weeks?’
  • ‘I wish I had the support and information to have breastfeed when my babies were born’. – Don’t live in regret, have the information and confidence in your decision as to how you are going to feed your baby.

All expectant mums/partners/friends or family members are welcome, the workshop is run within a friendly comfortable environment at the Jubilee Community Centre in East Grinstead.


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