Enabling a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.
Breastfeeding Support

An hours private home visit starts at £30, this may increase depending on the travelling distance from East Grinstead.

The first few weeks can often be challenging whilst mum and baby learn the art of breastfeeding, and creating milk supply, often these problems an be easily overcome with a little guidance and support.

Using research based information, techniques and experience we assist you within the privacy of your own home.

Our reassuring and calming home visits from our IBCLC lactation consultant and/or peer supporter initial visit can take approximately one and half hours. We take a full maternal history and explore problems solving such as tongue tie assessment, latching issues, milk supply, positioning to name a few. We take a full maternal history and leave you with an action plan in place.

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24th April 2019

Wednesday 7 – 9 pm

Drop in Clinic

Mondays 1.30 – 2.30 pm

Fridays 10 – 11 am 


A few common symptoms that can might be causing problems

  • Difficulty feeding your baby after help with attachment and positioning
  • Feeling you don’t have enough breastmilk to feed your baby
  • Sleepy baby
  • Full, painful, tender breast(s)
  • Cracked or painful nipples
  • Inverted nipples (this does not mean you cannot breastfeed your baby)
  • Mastitis (flu like symptoms; red, tender and painful breasts)
  • Baby is tongue tied
  • How will your baby’s birth affect your breastfeeding
  • ‘Will my breastfeeding routine change from the first few days to weeks?’
  • ‘I wish I had the support and information to have breastfeed when my babies were born’. – Don’t live in regret, have the information and confidence in your decision as to how you are going to feed your baby.
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