Our Fantastic Team

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Min Chadd

  • Mum of 3, including twins

  • Passionate about supporting Mums to make informed decisions about their feeding choices.

  • Qualified Midwife 30 years’ experience.

  • Specialist in Infant Feeding

  • Working within UNICEF Baby Friendly standards.

  • Qualified as a Lactation Consultant IBCLC,

  • Tongue tie divider

  • First Aid instructor


Joanna McCool

  • Mother of two

  • Birth and Postnatal Doula Course – Nurturing Birth

  • International Infant Feeding Course

  • Breast feeding peer supporter

  • Postnatal Doula

  • Member of Doula UK


Our Committee Members


  • Mother of two.
  • Graduate BA (hons) Business Administration.
  • Over 14 years’ experience in B2B and B2C PR and marketing communications.
  • Experienced Account Director within the building, home and leisure industries. She has worked with a wide variety of clients of all different shapes and sizes (from start-up businesses to leading brands) to identify and communicate key business objectives to their target audiences.


  • Mum of 3
  • Qualified paediatric nurse of 20 years specialising in neonatal and paediatric intensive care.
  • Postgraduate diploma and certification in psychotherapy and numerous therapeutic approaches.
  • Certified Kaizen Specialist with a demonstrated history of working within the NHS to improve the patient experience using lean methodology.
  • Skilled in Coaching, Mentoring, Individual Counselling, Transformation and Organisational Development, and Training.


  • Graduate of the Institute of Certified Accountancy Examinations
  • Graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Examinations
  • Business, Mathematics and Economics Secondary School Teacher of 15 years
  • Previous career in Project, Relationship and Regulatory Management for 20 years
  • Provided guidance in the establishment and working of Chestnut Community Events, originally as a not-for-profit organisation (now a registered charity).

Committee Member

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Lactation Consultants

Highly experienced, trained and qualified to help mothers and babies to breastfeed. They are knowledgeable in all areas of lactation and can help with both basic and complex breastfeeding challenges.

IBCLCs are experts and hold the only internationally recognised breastfeeding credential. This regulated and continuing education is required to held this qualification.

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

Peer Supporter

A Peer Supporter is a mother with experience of breastfeeding. The goal of peer support is to encourage and support women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding. Peer support, includes counseling and mother-to-mother support groups. Women who provide peer support undergo specific training and have the information to know when to refer a complicated case.

Postnatal Doulas

Postnatal Doulas give emotional and practical support to mothers and families with a new baby, whether it be the first baby or not. They can give up to date and evidence based information within their knowledge. Build confidence, empower parents to trust their instincts, keep on top of household duties allowing time for the new family to bond and a listening ear.

Doula UK


Specialists in pregnancy and birth, Once qualified, a midwife must be able to care for women throughout pregnancy, birth, and during the postnatal period too, as well as care for newborn babies. She must be able to detect problems and summon medical help if needed, and be trained in emergency procedures herself. She also has a role in health education and preparation for parenthood, such as teaching antenatal classes.

Royal College of Midwives