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At Newborn Nurturing we are an independent Not-For-Profit organisation, passionate about providing continuity of care and support to parent’s in Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Parenthood is a challenging time for the whole family and we are here to help.

Postnatally, after your baby’s arrival feeding your little one will become your primary concern. If feeding is not going smoothly, early intervention can change the whole course of your experience.

During the postnatal period, we believe continuity of support should be available to everyone for as long as they need it. This continuity is essential to establish a positive start for you and your baby.

There are always reasons, explanations and solutions for common obstacles that can be overcome such as Tongue-tie, painful breasts, sore nipples, crying baby and concerns about milk supply. Breastfeeding is a learnt skill and our expertise will empower you to succeed.

Our numerous support avenues are available to suit your individual needs whether at our drop-in service or in the comfort of your own home.

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Our workshops will equip you in your pregnancy with the knowledge you need for the arrival of your baby. We can help you prepare in a realistic and individual way. Our workshops are up-to-date evidenced based and innovative. This can be in group or individual sessions.

Breastfeeding Support

Enabling a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience. Using research based information, techniques and experiences…

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Postnatal Doula Care

Practical and emotional support at home including breastfeeding support if required. The role of a Postnatal Doula is to help the mother and family…

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Antenatal Classes

Preparation for Birth. An information session for you and your partner, subjects such as Birthing Options, Pain relief, Positioning etc…

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First Aid

Our course is designed for parents, grandparents and carers to equip you with the basic knowledge understanding and confidence…

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Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops

Our group breastfeeding workshops teach you how to succeed…..

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What our Clients Say

'I attended a breastfeeding workshop about a month and a half ago... the ladies were so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. My daughter arrived on 23rd December and I cannot express enough thanks to you... without your help and guidance I would have really struggled with breastfeeding but it was super helpful and has made this journey stress free. Thank you so much.'-